This fabulous place! Its where hospitality is born. At least for us.

We have the know-how to help your establishment to get those numbers. Our international background and multinational experience is our key to success!

The sole reason why this company exists, is because at some point in this life, the founder & CEO decided that he needs to work in the Hospitality industry to fund his car and bike related projects. Now that this isn't the case anymore, we have plenty of leftover experience and knowledge ready to share with you.

We travel a lot. Most of us, even as you read this, are on different continents. We know many people, most of which are not from our homeland. We studied at International Universities with focuses on Hospitality, where we learned the trade of how to sell something intangible. Be it Cavatelli Norcina with white Truffles, a 7 week dry aged Swiss grass-fed Beefsteak, or even something simple like eggs with Skuta, the words that our languages use to describe them do them no justice. Unless you have tried it, enjoyed it, and now crave for more, you cannot know how good these are. So how to sell these (or similar items) to your guests, community or market.

What began as something that we were just good at, now is one of our passions. We are so deep in to this, that we cannot enter an establishment without seeking ways to improve it. And we have seen them all. Places that run like a Swiss watch, places that are held together only by its charm, and places where all hell broke loose 3 years ago. And no, we were not bystanders in those facilities, we were part of it. Most of us were thrown into the abyss and told "make it work". And that's what we did. And now we would like to share these experiences with you.

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I believe we managed to gather experts in all fields. For questions and information, feel free to contact us