the hospitality industry is finally ready for us!

We offer consultations for your hotel, restaurant and event. We have brilliant minds working on it, with experts in every field. 

Most of us know each other from our days at the Swiss Hotel Management School, and even then, despite being different generations, we connected and started admiring each-others strengths. This bond then grew to become the one siblings share. So we, as brothers and sisters, want to share our knowledge with you.

We might be miles apart, one straying from county to country like a lone wolf, others going steady in countries with known and profound hospitality, but we got the globe covered. We are everywhere, and we can help you bring your establishment to the desired level of success, by giving you inputs from all over the world. We are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and whatever multi there is left. If a standard recipe for your success does not work, how about you let us give you a new one?

There are multiple ways to make Spagetti Carbonara, who said that the one you got from your aunt will work for you. Maybe the ingredients are wrong, or maybe your stove and pan are not meant for Italian cuisine.  In other words, if you have an establishment that worked just fine so far, or with the previous management, and upon making changes it started to spiral down, we can help you with that. And just because it worked for somebody else, it does not guarantee success for you. We can help establish which of the changes caused the decrease, and if it is your error, or the market around you just changed. 
Our consultations are tailor made for you. We establish a plan for you, with guidelines how to execute it by yourself. We help you change, so that you can prevent this from happening again.

There are no limitations on what we will take for consulting. We are confident in our versatility and our skills. You could be a food truck, a racing event or a 5 star resort. To us, you are our next mission.

For more information, feel free to contact us.